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Monthly Archives: June 2010

Here’s your list of comics being released this week.


Abe Sapien Abyssal Plain 1
Action Comics 890
Amazing Spider-Man Presents American Son 2
Astonishing X-Men 34
Batman Beyond 1
Batman The Brave and the Bold 18
Captain America 607
Captain America 1940s Newspaper Strip 1
Captain Swing 2
Casper and the Spectrals 2
Chronicles of Wormwood Last Battle 4
Deadpool Team-Up 892
Deadpool Wade Wilsons War 2
Death of Dracula 1
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 12
Doomwar 5
Elephantmen 26
Flash 3
GI Joe Hearts and Minds 2
Gotham City Sirens 13
Green Hornet Parallel Lives 1
Green Lantern 55
Heralds 5
Invincible 73
Invincible Iron Man Annual 1
Iron Man Kiss and Kill 1
Jokers Asylum Clayface 1
Justice League of America 46
Madame Xanadu 24
Marvel Zombies 5 4
Muppet Show 7
New Avengers Luke Cage 3
Northlanders 29
Predators 4
Project Superpowers Chapter Two 10
Royal Historian of Oz 1
Secret Avengers 2
Simpsons Super Spectacular 11
Sky Doll Space Ship 2
Spider-Man 25th Anniversary Special 1
Star Trek Burden of Knowledge 1
Star Wars Dark Times 17
Star Wars Invasion Rescues 2
Tank Girl Royal Escape 4
Teen Titans 84
Thor 611
Turf 2
Unknown Soldier 21
Velocity 1
Web 10
Whatever Happened To Baron Von Shock 2
Wonder Woman 600
X-Campus 1
X-Force 27 2nd Printing
X-Men Forever 2 2
X-Men Legacy 235
X-Men Second Coming 3rd Printing
Yours Truly Jack the Ripper 1


At this year’s Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas I was turned on to the work of Daniel Connor a cartoonist based in San Antonio, Texas. Daniel’s personality alone was enough for me buy one of his comics. Daniel Connor is the creator of the web comic series “Heaven Forbid”.  The comic takes a humorous look at church culture while also examining Bible scripture.

One of things I like about “Heaven Forbid” is that you don’t have to be Christian to like it. The story lines are funny and can be relatable to most people, even to those of us that didn’t grow up in the church. The comics that deal with Bible text aren’t heavy at all and reading them makes you feel like you are having a conversation with a close friend. Connor’s artwork is done in black and white and is done in a carefree drawing style. Daniel’s artwork is reminiscent of Bryan Lee O’ Malley with his own style being noticeable.

I’m very happy to have had a chance to meet Daniel Connor; he is probably of the nicest people you could talk to. If you get a chance to meet Daniel at any cons he just might draw you as your favorite superhero or comix character.  And you can find new “
Heaven Forbidcomics comes out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

posted by: vegantiff

Not wanting you to miss out on newly released comics. We put together a list of comics out this week. I for one will be at my local shop to pick up some of my must reads. And if you don’t have a shop to visit, head over to ComicShopLocator.com to find a shop.


*28 Days Later 12
Air 22
Amazing Spider-Man 635
*American Vampire 4
Amory Wars Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 2
Angel 34
Archie 610
Authority The Lost Year 9
*Avengers 2
Bart Simpson Comics 54
Batman Return of Bruce Wayne 3
Batman Streets of Gotham 13
Billy Batson and the Magic of Shazam 17
Buck Rogers 12
Detective Comics 866
Doctor Who Ongoing 12
Dracula 2
Dynnamo 5 Sins of the Father 1
Fantastic Four 580
Franken-Castle 18
Garth Ennis Battlefields 7
Ghostbusters Holiday SPecial Con Volution 1
Green Arrow 1
Green Lantern Corps 49
Heralds 4
Hulk 23
Incorruptible 7
Incredibles 10
Iron Man Legacy 3
Joe the Barbarian 6
Jokers Asylum Killer Croc 1
Jurassic Park Redemption 1
Justice League Generation Lost 4
Justice League The Rise of Arsenal 4
Kato Origins Way of the Ninja 2
Kevin Smith Green Hornet 5
King City 9
*Legion of Super Heroes 2
Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard 2
Namora 1
Peter Parker 4
Power Girl 13
Powers 5
Predator 3
Sea Bear and Grizzly Shark 1
Secret Warriors 17
Sense and Sensibility 2
Supergirl 53
Superman 700
Superman Batman 73
Thunderbolts 145
*Ultimate Comics Avengers 2 4
Wildcats 24
Wolverine Origins 49
Wolverine Weapon X 14
X-Factor 206
X-Men Legacy 237
Zatanna 2

* My pick of the week

post by: 54ndr

Last night was a night much anticipated by us at Her Comics: MC Chris came to Houston! MC Lars (with YTCracker) and Math the Band also came along for the ride, much to the joy of our nerd grrl hearts.  The night was wrought with fun and excitement.

photo taken by vegantiff

Math the Band was a great choice for an opening band.  You wouldn’t believe it by the energy put out there by this duo, but just a few days ago they had to miss their Las Cruces show due to illness.  The crowd was in love with them from song one, HerComics writers included.  A simple set up of guitar and electronic beats, their onstage personas are equal parts energy and awkwardness; we loved Kevin’s guitar strap antics and Justine’s goofy faces.  We couldn’t help but start the dancing early, and the rest of the crowd agrees.  When it comes to Math the Band, we want more!

Now when it comes to MC Lars and YTCracker you’d be hard pressed to find truer models of nerd life. With a backing punk band set up, their set included a three minute laptop rap version of Moby Dick, a nod to the great Edgar Allan Poe,  and an ode to that great green nerd drink of days long past: Surge!  MC Lars and YTCracker are great at getting the crowd going; everyone at Walter’s was doing the Bruce Campbell and loving it.  Things only got better when they had Texas’ own MC Router join them onstage for one song.  Texans like nothing more than giving love to their own; and Router rocked it.  Later, MC Lars even managed to get our hot, sweaty selves moshing (and boy do we have the bruises to prove it) and the crowd was in awe.  MC Lars and YTCracker know how to rock Houston.

photo taken by vegantiff

We at Her Comics have not been shy about our love for MC Chris. And this show did nothing but make us love him even more! MC Chris didn’t have a backing band, nor did he have any special guests on stage with him.  He doesn’t need these things, because when he is on stage, he is an enigma.  He brings full force energy and such love for his fans, the only reason you aren’t just standing there watching him in awe is because he brings great beats to move to.  We were dancing, we were rapping, and we were laughing.  Oh yeah, MC Chris is hilarious, too.  We think the girl that had to leave the front may disagree, but let’s face it—you shouldn’t be paying more attention to your phone than to a great MC onstage, right? We agreed with MC Chris, and we actually appreciated his concern for the crowd: he brought water out at the start to give to our overheated and dehydrated crowd (for free!) and made sure to let some guys pushing the gals around that they weren’t proving anything.  MC Chris raps about everything from Star Wars to pizza. Between songs you can hear him disperse on Clone Wars, watch him judge Nerd Culture T-shirt Contests, or watch him give love to his fans. He never stops bringing that energy, even when he’s overcome by the heat himself.  At one point during his set, he looked like he was ready to pass out, but he just restarted the song and brought it down even harder than before. MC Chris isn’t shy about getting the crowd involved either, our arms are tired from keeping them up in the air, but it was all worth it.  After the show he graciously signed autographs, took pictures, and even helped take down the tent that he had sold in a silent auction to help raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis.  When we here at Her Comics caught up with him later, we couldn’t help but notice just how appreciative of his fans MC Chris is; and we appreciate him right back.

photo taken by: vegantiff

The show was a blast! I have to admit, this was my first NerdCore show, so there was initial excitement over that; but even if I wasn’t geeking out over the content or the artists, I would have had a blast just from the energy given out on stage.  Every single act put on a fantastic show, and we at Her Comics will be waiting for more!


Amazing Spider-Man 633

Amazing Spider-Man 634
Amazing Spider-Man Black Cat 1
Angel Barbary Coast 3
Anita Blake Circus of Damned Charmer 2
Atlas 2
Azrael 9
Birds of Prey 2
Black Widow 3
Boys 43
Brightest Day 4
Crossed Family Values 2
Dark Tower Gunslinger Journey Begins 2
Dark Wolverine 87
Deadpool 24
Deadpool Merc With A Mouth 12
DMZ 54
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 11
DV8 Gods and Monsters 3
Fables 96
Fevre Dream 2
Four Eyes 4
Hellblazer 268
Her-oes 3
Heralds 3
Incredible Hulk 610
Jokers Asylum Harley Quinn 1
Jokers Asylum Mad Hatter 1
Lone Ranger 22
Magdalena 2
Magog 10
New Avengers 1
New Mutants 14
Predators 2
Rebels 17
Savage Dragon 161
Shield 10
Simpsons Comics 167
Spike The Devil You Know 1
Spirit 3
Tiny Titans 29
Walking Dead 73
Web of Spider-Man 9
X-Factor 205 2nd Printing
X-Factor Forever 4
X-Men Legacy 236 2nd Printing

Trades and Books

Artichoke Tales HC
Back Issue 41
Batman RIP TP
Book of Mr Natural HC
Box 13 GN
Chew Vol. 2 International Flavor TP
Classics Illustrated Vol. 9 THe Jungle HC
Conan Spear and Other Stories TP
Creepy Archives Vol. 6 HC
Criminal Vol. 5 Sinners TP
Deadpool Vol. 4 Monkey Business HC
Hal Foster Prince of Illustrators HC
Hellblazer Hooked TP
Hulk Vol. 4 Hulk Vs X-Force TP
I Thought You Would Be Funnier SC
Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 Son of banner TP
Little Adventures In Oz Book 2
Mad Magazine 504
Meatcake GN
Muppet King Arthur TP
Peter Porker Vol. 1 Spectacular Spider-Ham TP
Punishermax Kingpin HC
Seven Soldiers of Victory Vol. 1 HC
Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 5 In Service of the Republic TP
Temperance HC
Thor Vol. 3 By J Micahel Straczynski TP

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I recently found out about a web comic from Iran entitled Zahara’s Paradise done by Amir and Khalil. It’s comic that shows what one family went through in the aftermath of the 2009 Iranian elections. Zahara’s Paradise begins with a mother in Tehran searching for her son Mehdi a young protester who has disappeared. Medi’s disappearance takes place in during an extrajudicial time period when habeas corpus has been suspended.

At first glance the comic makes you think of the works of Marjane Satrapi; who in her acclaimed graphic novel Persepolis that details her life in Tehran during the Iranian revolution. What drew me into this story was that it sheds light on the turmoil going on in Iran after the election that you didn’t see on the news. The artwork for Zahara’s Paradise is done in black and white without being too detailed.

If you like comics that that deal with timely political issues you should check out Zahara’s Paradise. The web comic is brought to you by the people at First Second Books, who put out the Prince of Persia graphic novel in 2008. New ones can be seen Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday; and you can always catch up on new olds archived on the site.

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This week everyone here at Her Comics has been in super-nerd mode due the upcoming Mc Chris show on Thursday. And it can be blamed on me, being that I am the one who got most of the writers in to him. I’ve been a big fan of his; and this week will be my tenth time to see the rapper.  In my group of friends, there are still those who don’t seem to get why he [Mc Chris] is just plain awesome. Honestly, I feel bad for those who don’t see what’s so great about him. I mean; what’s not to like about a guy who’s a hardcore fan of Star Wars, comic books, and puts on great live shows that sometimes include tips on how to fight zombies.

photo taken by vegantiff

Mc Chris makes music that makes you laugh and makes you forget about what’s bothering you. You can tell that the rapper really enjoys what he’s doing.  You can see that at his live shows; with his interactions with the crowd, and the time he takes the time out to talk with his fans afterward. At every show I’ve been to, he’s right by his merch booth signing autographs, giving out hugs, and taking pictures with fans. And while, for most, interacting with fans ends after shows; this is not so for Mc Chris. The rapper has a strong online following that includes MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and his own forum. If caring about his fans wasn’t enough, Mc Chris is a rapper with cause: in 2008 he started to collect money to fight Cystic Fibrosis, and has collected over 65,000 dollars.

Mc Chris is one of those artists you can’t help but like, and hope that they get everything that they want out of life. We know he will get just that, and more. Mc Chris recently put out a new cd entitled mc chris Goes to Hell and is currently on tour.