posted by: vegantiff

I recently found out about a web comic from Iran entitled Zahara’s Paradise done by Amir and Khalil. It’s comic that shows what one family went through in the aftermath of the 2009 Iranian elections. Zahara’s Paradise begins with a mother in Tehran searching for her son Mehdi a young protester who has disappeared. Medi’s disappearance takes place in during an extrajudicial time period when habeas corpus has been suspended.

At first glance the comic makes you think of the works of Marjane Satrapi; who in her acclaimed graphic novel Persepolis that details her life in Tehran during the Iranian revolution. What drew me into this story was that it sheds light on the turmoil going on in Iran after the election that you didn’t see on the news. The artwork for Zahara’s Paradise is done in black and white without being too detailed.

If you like comics that that deal with timely political issues you should check out Zahara’s Paradise. The web comic is brought to you by the people at First Second Books, who put out the Prince of Persia graphic novel in 2008. New ones can be seen Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday; and you can always catch up on new olds archived on the site.