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Last night was a night much anticipated by us at Her Comics: MC Chris came to Houston! MC Lars (with YTCracker) and Math the Band also came along for the ride, much to the joy of our nerd grrl hearts.  The night was wrought with fun and excitement.

photo taken by vegantiff

Math the Band was a great choice for an opening band.  You wouldn’t believe it by the energy put out there by this duo, but just a few days ago they had to miss their Las Cruces show due to illness.  The crowd was in love with them from song one, HerComics writers included.  A simple set up of guitar and electronic beats, their onstage personas are equal parts energy and awkwardness; we loved Kevin’s guitar strap antics and Justine’s goofy faces.  We couldn’t help but start the dancing early, and the rest of the crowd agrees.  When it comes to Math the Band, we want more!

Now when it comes to MC Lars and YTCracker you’d be hard pressed to find truer models of nerd life. With a backing punk band set up, their set included a three minute laptop rap version of Moby Dick, a nod to the great Edgar Allan Poe,  and an ode to that great green nerd drink of days long past: Surge!  MC Lars and YTCracker are great at getting the crowd going; everyone at Walter’s was doing the Bruce Campbell and loving it.  Things only got better when they had Texas’ own MC Router join them onstage for one song.  Texans like nothing more than giving love to their own; and Router rocked it.  Later, MC Lars even managed to get our hot, sweaty selves moshing (and boy do we have the bruises to prove it) and the crowd was in awe.  MC Lars and YTCracker know how to rock Houston.

photo taken by vegantiff

We at Her Comics have not been shy about our love for MC Chris. And this show did nothing but make us love him even more! MC Chris didn’t have a backing band, nor did he have any special guests on stage with him.  He doesn’t need these things, because when he is on stage, he is an enigma.  He brings full force energy and such love for his fans, the only reason you aren’t just standing there watching him in awe is because he brings great beats to move to.  We were dancing, we were rapping, and we were laughing.  Oh yeah, MC Chris is hilarious, too.  We think the girl that had to leave the front may disagree, but let’s face it—you shouldn’t be paying more attention to your phone than to a great MC onstage, right? We agreed with MC Chris, and we actually appreciated his concern for the crowd: he brought water out at the start to give to our overheated and dehydrated crowd (for free!) and made sure to let some guys pushing the gals around that they weren’t proving anything.  MC Chris raps about everything from Star Wars to pizza. Between songs you can hear him disperse on Clone Wars, watch him judge Nerd Culture T-shirt Contests, or watch him give love to his fans. He never stops bringing that energy, even when he’s overcome by the heat himself.  At one point during his set, he looked like he was ready to pass out, but he just restarted the song and brought it down even harder than before. MC Chris isn’t shy about getting the crowd involved either, our arms are tired from keeping them up in the air, but it was all worth it.  After the show he graciously signed autographs, took pictures, and even helped take down the tent that he had sold in a silent auction to help raise funds for Cystic Fibrosis.  When we here at Her Comics caught up with him later, we couldn’t help but notice just how appreciative of his fans MC Chris is; and we appreciate him right back.

photo taken by: vegantiff

The show was a blast! I have to admit, this was my first NerdCore show, so there was initial excitement over that; but even if I wasn’t geeking out over the content or the artists, I would have had a blast just from the energy given out on stage.  Every single act put on a fantastic show, and we at Her Comics will be waiting for more!