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Monthly Archives: August 2010

Image by Julia Wertz and Aaron Renier

If you’re in New York Friday September 3rd, join Julia Wretz along with Cartoonist Aaron Renier for a double release party. Julia will be celebrating the release of Drinking at the Movies, her first full-length graphic memoir. Joining in on the celebration will be fellow cartoonist Aaron Renier who is celebrating the release of his new book The Unsinkable Walker Bean.

The event will include a reading and both artists will be selling limited edition screen prints. You can find more info at Desert Island.


For those who can’t wait for the premier of Walking Dead; I have for you The Walking Dead Motion Comic. The Motion Comic, is a fully animated version of the beginning of the “The Walking Dead” graphic novel by Robert Kirkman. And features the voice of Phil LaMarr.

If you grew up in the 90’s loving Daria, then odds are your present-day self would love reading Julia Wertz’s “Fart Party”.  The Fart Party is an autobiographical comic that takes a look into the life of Brooklyn-based cartoonist and writer Julia Wertz. The Fart Party began online in 2005 when the creator was living in San Francisco, and follows her life ranging from daily events to the everyday bullshit that we all deal with.

Fart Party is funny, quirky, and sarcastic and is just an all around great read for anyone. Julia has grown to be a great storyteller, and has developed a drawing style all her own. I highly recommend that you pick up the first two volumes of   The Fart Party out now in bookstores. It’s one of those books that will have you laughing for days and will definitely be shared amongst friends.

Julia Wertz Must Reads

The Fart Party

I saw you…

Drinking at the Movies

This Saturday comic book lovers are being asked to head out in public, and read their comics. Saturday has been dubbed International Read Comics in Public day. It’s pretty simple this Saturday step out of your house and read a comic in a public space. This is a perfect day to show people that comic nerds do go out in public.

I myself will be reading at my favorite park and cafe. Leave a comment and let us know where you will be reading Saturday. And feel free to share with us pictures you reading in public.

Want to go to a Comic Book Convetion without spending a ton of money? Of course you do, which is why you should make plans now to attend Comicpalooza, May27-29, 2011 in Houston, Texas.

While last year’s con was pretty awesome we know next years will sure to be epic. Right now you can get tickets at either $20.00 for a one day pass or $25.00 for a three day pass. At those prices you’ll have enough money left in your pocket to come up with a sweet costume.


Adventure Comics 517
Batgirl 13
Birds of Prey 4
Booster Gold 35
BPRD Hell on Earth New World 1
Buzzard 3
Daredevil 509
Dark Wolverine 89
Daytripper 9
DMZ 56
Doc Savage 5
Dungeons and Dragons 0
Green Lantern Emerald Warriors 1
Incredible Hulk 611
Invincible Iron Man 29
Justice League Generation Lost 7
Locke and Key Keys to the Kingdom 1
Sky Doll Lacrima Christi 1
Spectacular Spider-Girl 4
Super Heroes 5
Superman 702
Thor Mighty Avenger 3
Titans 26
Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 1
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 13
Walking Dead 76
X-Force Sex and Violence 2
X-Men 1 2nd Printing
X-Men 2
X-Men Forever 2 5
Zatanna 4

Books & Trade Paperbacks

Adventures of Superboy Vol. 1 HC
Chew Vol. 1 Omnivore HC
Daredevil The Devils Hand TP
Excalibur Visionaries Warren Ellis Vol. 2 TP
Invaders Eve of Destruction TP
Penny Arcade Vol. 6 Halls Below TP
Siege Avengers Initiative HC
X-Men Forever Vol. 4 Devil In A White Dress TP

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