If you grew up in the 90’s loving Daria, then odds are your present-day self would love reading Julia Wertz’s “Fart Party”.  The Fart Party is an autobiographical comic that takes a look into the life of Brooklyn-based cartoonist and writer Julia Wertz. The Fart Party began online in 2005 when the creator was living in San Francisco, and follows her life ranging from daily events to the everyday bullshit that we all deal with.

Fart Party is funny, quirky, and sarcastic and is just an all around great read for anyone. Julia has grown to be a great storyteller, and has developed a drawing style all her own. I highly recommend that you pick up the first two volumes of   The Fart Party out now in bookstores. It’s one of those books that will have you laughing for days and will definitely be shared amongst friends.

Julia Wertz Must Reads

The Fart Party

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