Sure you have bills and groceries to buy with your hard-earned money… But why do that when you can buy brand new comics which you can just read by candlelight while you eat a pbj for the 10th time. So to help you figure out what to spend that hard-earned money on here’s your list of new releases for this week.


Action Comics 893
Amazing Spider-Man 644
Angel 37
Artifacts 2
Atlas 5
Avengers Prime 3
Batman the Brave and the Bold 21
Captain America 610
Captain America Patriot 2
Casanova 3
Chew 14
Crossed Family Values 4
Detective Comics 869
Do Androids Dream Dust To Dust 5
First Wave 4
Franken-Castle 21
Futurama Comics 51
GI Joe Cobra Special 2
GI Joe Hearts and Minds 5
Gotham City Sirens 16
Green Arrow 4
Heroic Age One Month To Live 5
Incredibles 14
Justice Society of America 43
Kevin Smith Kato 4
Machete 0
Namor First Mutant 2
Powers 6
Savage Dragon 164
Secret Warriors 20
Star Spangled War Stories 1
Star Wars Blood Ties Tale Jango & Boba Fett 2
Star Wars Invasion Rescues 4
Teen Titans 87
Terminator 1984 1
Time Masters Vanishing Point 3
Torchwood 3
Transformers Sector 7 1
Valkyrie 1
Wonder Woman 603
X-Men Curse of Mutants X-Men Vs Vampires 1
X-Men Forever 2 8
X-Men Legacy 240

Books & Trade Paperbacks

Al Jaffee Mad life SC
Allen Ginsberg howl GN
American Vampire Vol. 1 HC
Archie Marries 70 years In Making HC
Barney Google HC
Broadcast GN
Carmine Infantino Penciler Pub Provocateur SC
Doctor Solar Man of the Atom Vol. 1 TP
Eerie Archives Vol. 4 HC
Fetish Goddess Dita HC
Flash Chronicles Vol. 2 TP
Franklin Richards Son of Genius Ultimate Book 1 TP
Hereville How Mirka Got Her Sword HC
Lobo Highway To Hell TP
Mad Greatest Artists Sergio Aragones HC
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man TP
Marvel Avengers Ultimate Character Guide HC
My Monkeys Name is Jennifer Vol. 2 TP
Oh My Goddess Vol. 36 TP
Sandman The Dream Hunters TP
Showcase PResents Legion of Super-Heroes Vol. 4 TP
Sisters Luck GN
Swedish Comics History SC
Ultimate Comics Iron Man Armor Wars TP
X-Men Second COming HC
Youll Never Know Vol. 2 Collateral Damage HC