If you snoozed on reading American Vampire during the first cycle, now is your chance to read what you’ve been missing. Yesterday saw the release of American Vampire vol.1 in hardcover edition. The hardcover volume collects issues # 1-5 and has two stories: one written by acclaimed horror writer Stephen King one another by Scott Snyder; both featuring artwork by the talented Rafel Albuquerque.

In Stephen King’s story (set in the Wild West) we meet Skinner Sweet; the original American Vampire is a breed that is stronger and faster than any vampire ever seen. And in Synder’s tale we follow Pearl, a young budding actress living in 1920’s Los Angeles, who is viciously turned into a vampire and has set out on a bloody path of payback against those who took her life.

This is a must read for anyone tired of sparkly love sickened vampires, and are ready for the horror and thrill to be put back into vampire tales. This edition of American Vampire includes an introduction by Stephen King and bonus artwork including character sketches, variant covers, and more! So make sure to pick up American Vampire vol. 1 today.