As always I’m an advocate of helping people spend their money on important things like comics. So here is your list of new comics this week.


Alan Moore Neonomicon 1
Alan Moore Neonomicon 2
American Vampire 7
Authority 27
Avengers Academy 5
Baltimore Plague Ships 3
Batman Confidential 49
Batman Hidden Treasures 1
Batman Odyssey 4
Boys 47
Brightest Day 11
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 37
Captain America Forever Allies 3
CBLDF Liberty Annual 2010
Chaos War 1
Clint 1
DC Comics Presents Green Lantern 1
DC Comics Presents Jack Cross 1
Deadpool Pulp 2
Deadpoolmax 1
Digested 2
Doom Patrol 15
Fantastic Four In Ataque Del Modok 1
Freedom Fighters 2
GI Joe 23
Greek Street 16
Hawkeye and Mockingbird 5
Hi Fructose Magazine Quarterly 17
House of Mystery 30
Incorruptible 10
Iron Man Legacy 7
Izombie 6
JSA All Stars 11
Klaws of Panther 1
Lady Mechanika 0
Life With Archie Married Life 3
Lone Ranger 24
Madame Xanadu 27
Marvelman Familys Finest 4
Meta 4 3
Metalocalypse Dethlock 1
Morning Glories 2 2nd Printing
Namor First Mutant 1 2nd Printing
Nancy In Hell 3
New Mutants Forever 3
Orc Stain 5
Rebels 21
Red Hood Lost Days 5
Scalped 41
Secret Six 26
Shadowland Spider-Man 1
Shield 4
Spider-Man Back In Quack 1
Star Wars Old Republic 4
Superman The Last Family of Krypton 3
Sweet Tooth 14
Taskmaster 2
Thor For Asgard 3
Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom 5
Tron Betrayal 1
Ultimate Comics Thor 1
Uncanny X-Force 1
Unknown Soldier 24
Wolverine 2
Young Allies 5


Books & Trade Paperbacks

14th Dalai Lama Graphic Biography
Archie and Friends Vol. 6 Archies Christmas Stock TP
Art of Neal Adams SC
Back Issue 44
Batman Unseen TP
Bear Nuts Vol. 1 Book of Prozac GN
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Vol. 7 Twilight TP
Dark Tower Long Road Home TP
DC Super Heroes Ultimate Pop Up Book
De Tales HC
Doctor Who Online Vol. 2 Tessaract TP
Final Crisis Novel SC
Fluorescent Black GN
Gear School Vol. 2 GN
Green Woman HC
Hi Fructose Magazine Quarterly 17
Irredeemable Vol. 4 TP
Liquid City Vol. 2 GN
Locke and Key Vol. 2 Head Games TP
Marvel Masterworks Spider-Man Vol. 2 HC
Nipper Vol. 1 1963-1964 TP
Palooka Ville Vol. 20 HC
Richard Starks Parker The Outfit HC
Sanctuary GN
Savage Sword of Conan Vol. 8 TP
Secret Six Danse Macabre TP
Shonen Jump November 2010
Star Wars Unleashed Vol. 2 GN
Starman Omnibus Vol. 5 HC
Stephen Kings N HC
Walking Dead Covers Vol. 1 HC
X-Force Vol. 2 Old Ghosts TP