Okay, I don’t mean to freak everyone out but there are only six days left till Halloween. And honestly four days left if you are like me and start celebrating on Friday night. And I know some of you still are trying to figure out what be. Don’t worry, I have put together a list of some comic inspired Halloween costumes that are easy on the pocket and don’t require too much work.

Wilson by Daniel Clowes / Drawn and Quarterly

Almost every guy owns a long white button up shirt and black pants. So why not dress dress up as Daniel Clowes’ latest character Wilson. Just add some facial hair, glasses, and go to the goodwill to pick up some brown shoes. You’ll love that it didn’t cost you much to put this costume together. However you might hate having to explain constantly who you are supposed to be.

Ghost World by Daniel Clowes/ Fantagraphics Books

To be everyone’s favorite cynical teen Enid Coleslaw, head over to Goodwill and grab a green and black skirt. Go to any wig shop costume store for a short black wig and wear a pair of thick-framed glasses. Photoshop a screen cap of the movie recreate “the raptor” t-shirt. Not handy with Photoshop? Here’s a link that can help you out.

Unlovable Vol.1 and 2 by Esther Pearl Watson/ Fantagraphics Books

To be 80’s teen Tammy of Unlovable, head to your local thrift store and pick up the very best in tacky 80’s clothing. And don’t forget – a crimper and hair teasing will be your best friend.

Magic Trixie by Jill Thompson/ HaperCollins

Have a kid who wants to be a witch for Halloween? Well why not have her go as everyone’s favorite spunky little witch Trixie from the Jill Thompson graphic novels Magic Trixie. For Trixie’s costume, get a black dress and some orange tights. Go to any store selling costumes and get a witch hat and a pink or orange wig. Tie a green ribbon around the hat and your little witch is ready to head out.

I hope this gave you some last minute costume ideas for this weekend. I’m still not sure on what I’ll be for Halloween but I’ll post a picture once I decide. I would love to hear what my readers are going to be for Halloween.