Don’t forget folks that due to last week’s holiday, new comic book day is Thursday, December 2nd.


Action Comics Annual 13
Adventure Comics 521
American Vampire 9
Ant-Man and Wasp 2
Authority 29
Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes 2
Baltimore Plague Ships 5
Batman 80-Page Giant 2010
bBatman Confidential 51
Batman Orphans 1
Boys 49
Brightest Day 15
Bring the Thunder 1
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 39
Captain America Patriot 4
Chaos War 2 2nd Print
Chaos War God Squad 1
Daredevil 512
DC Comics Presents Batman Beyond 1
Doom Patrol 17
Edge of Doom 2
Freedom Fighters 4
Generation Hope 2
Green Hornet Strikes 5
Heroes For Hire 1
Iron Man Thor 2
Irredeemable 20
Izombie 8
Jonah Hex 62
JSA All Stars 13
Kick Ass 2 1 2nd Print
King City 12
Lady Dead 0
Life With Archie Married Life 5
Marineman 1
Ozma of Oz 2
Rasl 9
Secret Six 28
Shadowland 5
She-Hulks 2
Supergod 5
Sweet Tooth 16
Taskmaster 4
Thor For Asgard 5
Warriors Three 2
What If Iron Man Demon In An Armor
Wolverine Best There Is 1
Women of Marvel 2

Books & Trade Paperbacks

Achewood Vol. 3 Home For Scared People HC
Akira Kodansha Vol. 4 GN
Angel Vol. 2 Crown Prince Syndrome HC
Art of Hammer Posters Film Archive HC
Black Harvest TP
Brightest Day Vol. 1 HC
Burma Chronicles GN
Clint 3
Creepy Archives Vol. 8 HC
Destroy All Movies Guide to Punks Film SC
Fables Vol. 14 Witches TP
Guild Vol. 1 TP
Heavy Metal January 2011
Miss Don’t Touch Me Vol. 2 GN
Marvel Masterworks Golden Age Marvel Comics Vol. 5 HC
Pinocchio Vampire Slayer Vol. 2 GN
Planetary Vol. 4 Spacetime Archaeology TP
Pug Davis Vol. 1 TP
Rise of the American Comics Artist SC
Sixsmiths Vol. 1 GN
Sky Doll Space Ship HC
Spider-Man Noir Eyes Without A Face GN
Spike The Devil You Know Vol. 1 TP
Star Wars Clone Wars Vol. 6 Deadly Hands of Shon-Ju TP
Terry Moores Echo Vol. 5 TP
Thor If Asgard Should Perish HC
Tick Giant Christmas Cavalcade TP
Trickster Native American Tales GN
Vampirella Masters Series Vol. 2 Warren Ellis TP
Wizard Magazine 233