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Monthly Archives: January 2011

I’m always on the lookout for new comics from self publishers. Not too long ago, I came across a comic entitled Robbie and Bobby by Jason Poland, a cartoonist living in Houston, Texas. What sold me on trying out this comic was Robbie a robot who is friends with a young boy named Bobby.  Robbie can best be described as quirky but lovable while best friend Bobby is seen as a self-obsessed boy that mirrors much of today’s youth.

Image curtosey of Jason Poland

The first few pages of Robbie and Bobby have slow a start but pick up fast and once it does it’s hard to put the comic down. There are so many great strips in Robbie and  Bobby; it makes it hard to pick just one as a favorite. However one that made laugh maybe just a little bit more is one in which Robbie is left heartbroken when his books are replaced by a Kindle. And most people will say “aww” when reading about a milk carton and plastic bottle in love being torn apart. Oh yeah, and Doctor Who fans: there’s something in this comic for you.

I highly recommend checking out Robbie and Bobby. Readers of Liz Prince work will definitely fall in love with Robbie and Bobby. And it’s a great comic for those new to reading comic books. If you want to read more Robbie and Bobby head over to Jason’s web site, where Jason puts up new comics daily. Those of you living in Austin, Texas you can pick up a paper copy of Robbie and Bobby at Austin Books and Comics.


Here’s your list of new releases for the week of January 11:

Amazing Spider-Man 651
Batgirl 17
Batman and Robin 19
Birds of Prey 8
Black Panther Man Without Fear 514
Booster Gold 40
BPRD Hell On Earth Gods 1
Captain America Man Out of Time 3
Casanova Gula 1
Chaos War Dead Avengers 3
Daredevil Reborn 1
Dark Tower Gunslinger Little Sisters Eluria 2
Deadpool 31
Doc Savage 10
Green Lantern Emerald Warriors 6
Hack Slash Me Without You
Heroes For Hire 2
I Am An Avenger 5
Incredible Hulks 620
Infinite Vacation 1
John Byrne Next Men 2
Justice League Generation Lost 17
Knight and Squire 4
Rebels 24
Red Robin 19
Secret Six 29
Spawn 200
Spike 4
Stan Lee Starborn 2
Superman 707
Thor Mighty Avenger 8
Thunder Agents 3
Titans 31
Transformers Prime 2
True Blood Legacy 1
Unwritten 21
Walking Dead Weekly 2
Widow Maker 3
Wonder Girl 1
X-Men Forever 2 15


27 2
Adventure Comics 522
Anita Blake Circus of Damned Ingenue 1
Avengers Childrens Crusade 4
Avengers Prime 5
Azrael 16
Batman Beyond 1
Batman Confidential 52
Brightest Day 17
Captain America Hail Hydra 1
Choker 5
Doc Macabre 2
Doom Patrol 18
Edge of Doom 3
Freedom Fighters 5
Generation Hope 3
Green Hornet 12
Green Hornet Blood Ties 3
House of Mystery 33
Iron Man Legacy 10
Iron Man Thor 3
Izombie 9
Jonah Hex 63
JSA All Stars 14
Lady Death 1
She Hulks 3
Starman Congorilla 1
Steel 1
Superboy 3
Sweet Tooth 17
Terry moores Echo 27
Thanos Imperative Devestation
Torchwood 6
Transformers Ongoing 15
Transformers Prime 1
Ultimate Comics Captain America 1
Vampirella 2
Walking Dead 80
Walking Dead Weekly 1
Wolverine Best There Is 2
X-Factor 213

Books & Trade Paperbacks

Avengers Assemble Vol. 1 TP
Cyanide and Happiness Vol. 1 TP
Cyanide and Happiness Vol. 2 TP
Death Note Black TP
Edgar Rice Burroughs Lost Continent Campfire GN
Exotique Vol. 6 SC
Invincible Iron Man Vol. 4 Stark Disassembled TP
Madame Xanadu Vol. 3 Broken House of Cards TP
Mighty Thor Vol. 1 Omnibus HC
Marvel Masterworks Uncanny X-Men Vol. 3 TP
Spider-Man Origin of Species HC
Super Friends Calling All Super Friends TP