I sometimes have this habit of picking comics were the art grabs my attention. If the story falls flat, I feel like I have completely wasted my money. So when I came across Man from Space by Marc Jackson I wasn’t sure if I was going to be satisfied with both the artwork and story. But Marc Jackson was able to impress me with a great storyline and illustration.

           Man from Space takes us on a journey with an unknown hero and his goldfish pal Michael when their rocket ship crashes. As they set out to look for shelter, the duo meet and befriend Whemblo, a cute pink alien that is reminiscent of an Ugly doll. During the course of our hero’s adventure, they must try to stay safe from the evil robot enemies, the Volbots (which might the coolest evil robots). When their new friend Unit 7-73 teleports them to a timeline in the future, our hero must use his future self to correct a past mistake that could change the course of the future.

         Man from Space is the perfect comic for kids just getting into to comics and for adults who need to escape into a world of adventure. The characters in Man from Space are loveable, but only a few seem fully developed. For some odd reason every time our hero spoke I would picture Sam Rockwell, which isn’t a bad thing. One of the few faults I have with Man from Space is that we never get the name of our main hero. It looks like we will have to read a few more issues to learn about his identity. I also wish that we had a chance to connect with the first batch of our hero’s friends before we met more of them. Overall though, I have to give it to Marc Jackson for creating a story with awesome illustrations that is invoked by part of the imagination often lost after childhood.

I  thoroughly enjoyed reading Man from Space it had everything I like in stories I read (robots, aliens, and sea creatures). Reading this comic made me wish that I was cuddled up in my covers with a flashlight. So if you like cute sci-fi adventure stories, check out Man from Space.

You can follow Marc Jackson on Twitter at:@itsMANFROMSPACE