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Here’s your list of upcoming release this week. Let us know what comics you are looking forward to picking up.


Adventure Comics 518
Amazing Spider-Man 641
Amazing Spider-man 642
American Vampire 6
Anita Blake Circus of Damned Charmer 4
Batgirl 14
Batman 703
Batman and Robin 14
Batman Odyssey 3
Billy the Kid Ghastly Fiend London 1
Booster Gold 36
BPRD Hell on Earth New World 2
Comic Book Guy The Comic Book 3
Cuba My Revolution HC
Daken Dark Wolverine 1
Daredevil 510
Dawn Not To Touch Earth
Daytripper 10
Deadpool Corps 6
Doc Savage 6
Doctor Solar Man of Atom 2
Doctor Who Ongoing 15
Doom Patrol 14
GI Joe 22
Glamourpuss 15
Greek Street 15
Green Hornet Golden Age Remastered 2
Green Hornet Strikes 3
Green Hornet Year One 5
Green Lantern 57
Heroic Age one Month To Live 2
Incredibles 13
Invaders Now 1
Invincible Iron Man 30
Irredeemable 17
Justice League Generation Lost 9
Life With Archie Married Life 2
Mighty Crusaders 3
New Avengers 4
Orson Scott Cards Ender In Exile 4
Punisher Max Hot Rods of Death 1
Red Robin 16
Red Sonja 51
Shadowland Blood on Streets 2
Sixth Gun 4
Spawn 199
Starstruck 13
Thanos Imperative 4
Thor 614
Thor Mighty Avenger 4
Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 2
Weird War Tales 1
Welcome To Tranquility One Foot Grave 3
X-Force Sex and Violence 3
X-Men 3
X-Men Forever 2 7

Books & Trade Paperbacks

Conan Newspaper Strips Vol. 1
Creepy Archives Vol. 7
Cuba My Revolution
Dr Horrible
Drinking At The Movies
Essential Superman Encyclopedia
From Shadow To Light Mort Meskin
Ghost Talkers Daydream Vol. 4
Hello Do You Work Here
Hobby Japan August 2010
Invincible Iron Man Vol. 5 Resilient Book 1
James Bond Omnibus Vol. 1
Justice League of America Team History
Land of the Giants Complete Series
Louis Riel A Comic Strip Biography
Lucky In Love A Poor Mans History
Oz Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Pride and Prejudice TP
Rue Morgue Magazine 104
Shenen Jump October 2010
Simon and Kirby Superheroes
Singularity 7
Super Hero Squad
Tezuka Apollos Song Vol. 1
Tezuka Apollos Song Vol. 2 TP
Time Machine Campfire
Transmetropolitan Vol. 8 Dirge
Wild Kingdom
Wolverine Old Man Logan
Zombies Vs Robots Aventure


Here’s your weekly list of what’s out new this week in the world of comic books.

Amazing Spider-Man Presents Black Cat 3
Amory Wars Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth 3 4
Astro City Silver Agent 2
Authority 26
Avengers Childrens Crusade 2
Baltimore Plague Ships 2
Batman Confidential 48
Boys 46
Brightest Day 9
Buffy The Vampire Slayer 36
Captain America Forever Allies 2
Choker 4
Conan The Cimmerian 23
Cowboy Ninja Viking 8
Deadpool Pulp 1
Deadpool Wade Wilsons War 4
Do Androids Dream Dust To Dust 4
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep 14
Dracula Company of Monsters 1
Dynamo 5 Sins of the Father 3
Franken Castle 20
Freedom Fighters 1
GI Joe A Real American Hero 158
GI Joe Hearts and Minds 4
Gorilla Man 3
Haunt 9
Hawkeye and Mockingbird 4
Hellboy The Storm 3
Hercules Twilight of A God 4
Heroic Age One Month To Live 1
House of Mystery 29
I Am An Avenger 1
Incorruptible 9
Incredible Hulks 612
Iron Man 2 Agents of Shield 1
Iron Man Legacy 6
Izombie 5
Jack of Fables 47
Jonah Hex 59
JSA All Stars 10
Kevin Smith Green Hornet 7
King City 11
Last Days of American Crime 3
Marvel Universe Vs Punisher 3
Marvelman Familys Finest 3
Mouse Guard Legends of the Guard 3
Muppet Show 9
Muppet Snow White 4
New Mutants Forever 2
Origins of Marvel Comics X-Men 1
Our Army At War 1
Radical Premiere Mata Hari
Rebels 20
Red hood Lost Days 4
Scarlet 2
Science Dog Special 1
Scourge 1
Secret Six 25
Shadowland 2 2nd Printing
Shadowland 3
Shadowland Elektra 1
Sky Doll Lacrima Christi 2
Spike The Devil You Know 3
Star Wars Blood Ties Tale Jango and Boba Fett 1
Star Wars Old Republic 3
Strange Science Fantasy 3
Stumptown 4
Superman The Last Family of Krypton 2
Sweet Tooth 13
Tank Girl Hairy Heroes
Taskmaster 1
Terry Moores Echo 24
Thor For Asgard 1
Tick New Series 5
Tom Strong and the Robots of Doom 4
Torchwood 2
True Blood 1 2nd Printing
Wolverine 1
Wolverine Road To Hell 1
X-Men Curse of Mutants Smoke and Blood 1
Young Allies 4
Yours Truly Jack the Ripper 3

Image by Julia Wertz and Aaron Renier

If you’re in New York Friday September 3rd, join Julia Wretz along with Cartoonist Aaron Renier for a double release party. Julia will be celebrating the release of Drinking at the Movies, her first full-length graphic memoir. Joining in on the celebration will be fellow cartoonist Aaron Renier who is celebrating the release of his new book The Unsinkable Walker Bean.

The event will include a reading and both artists will be selling limited edition screen prints. You can find more info at Desert Island.


Adventure Comics 517
Batgirl 13
Birds of Prey 4
Booster Gold 35
BPRD Hell on Earth New World 1
Buzzard 3
Daredevil 509
Dark Wolverine 89
Daytripper 9
DMZ 56
Doc Savage 5
Dungeons and Dragons 0
Green Lantern Emerald Warriors 1
Incredible Hulk 611
Invincible Iron Man 29
Justice League Generation Lost 7
Locke and Key Keys to the Kingdom 1
Sky Doll Lacrima Christi 1
Spectacular Spider-Girl 4
Super Heroes 5
Superman 702
Thor Mighty Avenger 3
Titans 26
Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 1
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 13
Walking Dead 76
X-Force Sex and Violence 2
X-Men 1 2nd Printing
X-Men 2
X-Men Forever 2 5
Zatanna 4

Books & Trade Paperbacks

Adventures of Superboy Vol. 1 HC
Chew Vol. 1 Omnivore HC
Daredevil The Devils Hand TP
Excalibur Visionaries Warren Ellis Vol. 2 TP
Invaders Eve of Destruction TP
Penny Arcade Vol. 6 Halls Below TP
Siege Avengers Initiative HC
X-Men Forever Vol. 4 Devil In A White Dress TP

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It’s Wednesday, and you know what that means? It’s new comic book day!!!  We at Her Comics have devised a list of comics that we are eagerly looking forward to.

Let us know what comics you’re looking forward to by leaving us some feedback.
American Vampire 3
Avengers 1
Brightest Day 2
Captain Swing 1
Creepy Comics 3
Dark Tower Gunslinger 1
DC Universe Legacies 1
Girl Comics 2
Legion of Super Heroes 1
Spirit 2
Tank Girl Royal Escape 3
Walking Dead 72